Welcome To Little Learners School

Little Learners Preschool

"Explore, Learn and Play"

Little Learners invites your child to imagine, explore, create, experience and learn.

Little Learners School


Children love being outdoors and exploring nature.  Little Learners will help your child grow to love nature and understand plants, trees, animals, and insects that live in our neighborhood and backyards.  Trust your child’s natural desire to learn.

Little Learners School


Learning needs to be exciting and fun!  Little Learners is where it begins.  Imagine, Build, Scribble & Draw, Manipulate, Climb, Play with Letters, Count, Sort & Match, Explore, Measure, Patterns & Colors, Recognize Shapes and so so much more!  The love for Learning.

Little Learners School


Play means…creating, talking, thinking, trying, imagining, daydreaming, inventing, risk-taking, sharing, making choices, relaxing, turn-taking, running, jumping, shouting, whispering, singing, making friends, being yourself, acting, reading, feeling, problem-solving, laughing…Learning.


Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.
~Fred Rogers~

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